Houston Video Production

A few years ago, some people predicted the death of the graphic arts industry when desktop publishing software became widespread and affordable. Anyone with a computer could create their own graphics, logos, newsletters, etc. But it quickly became clear that it took something more than software to create effective graphics, it takes talent and knowledge of the process. Today, the graphic arts industry is still alive and well.

The same can be said about video production. Digital video cameras and non-linear, computer-based editing systems are within most people’s budgets, so why spend money to have a video produced? If you have tried producing a video yourself, you probably already know the answer.

Video is only good if it is effective. Video is effective if it sells products, raises funds, recruits employees, motivates volunteers, trains staff, or achieves a goal. When the video finishes, your audience will not say, “That was a good video.” They’ll say, “I need to buy that product,” or “I want to join that fund raiser,” or “I understand now.” Video is a powerful marketing tool because it has a broad reach thanks to the media and it connects with different learning styles: auditory and visual.

This is why you need Houston video production services to help you create a great video. Here are some things to consider when you hire a Houston video production company.

First, why are you producing a video? There are many reasons. Videos are effective for marketing, sales, education, training, etc.

Second, who is your intended audience? This is important on several levels. You need to determine how familiar your audience is with your product or organization. Also, you need to know the demographics of your audience so you will know what kind of production will be most appealing to them. You do not want to use rock and roll in a video that targets senior citizens. The writing, shooting, graphics, narration, and editing are all affected by the demographics of your target audience.

How do you want your target audience to react? Everyone will react to the video differently, but having specific goals is helpful. Maybe you want the audience to laugh or cry. Perhaps you want them to learn something new about the business. Decide how you want them to react before having the project done.

How will the video be distributed? Not long ago, videos ended up on VHS. Today, however, a video often ends up in multiple formats, making it more cost-effective. Practically every American household has internet, and most people have internet access. So most video projects end up on DVD and in a web-ready format like Windows Media Player. A Houston video production company will be able to help the material reach its target audience.

A Houston video production company also considers your resources, budget, and limitations.
Who will the staff producer/ decision maker be? Identify someone on your staff to be the leader of the video project, and the Houston video production company will work with this person on many technical and creative decisions.

Finally, measure the success of the video by setting benchmarks based on your goals, such as the number of phone calls received or the number of donations made.

You need to select a quality production company because a good video depends on the quality of the production work. The Houston video production company should show its capabilities by giving you references and samples of videos it has produced. Do not just rely on a website or a sample video, though. Schedule a face-to-face meeting to go over your expectations and goals.

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