Create Training Videos

According to recent reports, about 176 million people viewed online videos last month. While this number might not surprise those of you whose online activity added to this number, for those of you who think this number is outrageous, the explanation is simple. Video is engaging, supports collaboration, and is a lot more interesting than text.

However, the number above is mostly for consumer-targeted videos watched by individuals in their spare time. So, what if you applied video to a more professional setting, particularly to training? There are several ways to deliver training: live classes, workbooks, self-study, interactive software, online training videos and others. Each one has its place, but if you create training videos, your employees will learn quickly.

Using video to promote a company’s values, products, missions, and overall operations can have a big affect on information retention. If you are part of an organization that has not acknowledged the power and importance a video can have on your training efforts, you can take advantage of this technology to increase the effectiveness of your programs.

Hire a video company to create training videos for your company and see the difference. Video is more useful and more effective than traditional teaching methods. Below are reasons you should have someone create training videos:

  1. Video is visual. Lots of people learn best with visual training. They prefer to see something illustrated rather than visualize it after reading about it. Additionally, the visual nature of videos is often more engaging than other formats. I mean, would you rather read a 50 page manual or watch a 30 minute video? Video shows your viewers how to do something and how something works. This is one of the biggest reasons companies hire someone to create training videos.
  2. Video accommodates auditory learners. At the same time, the spoken word assists learners who are more audio-based.
  3. Video transcripts help learners who learn best by reading. For people who prefer the written word, it is possible to transcribe a video. Companies routinely issue transcripts along with their video training so trainees can read the transcript after watching the video.
  4. Video can be produced once and reused for many years. Having a live class requires trainees and the instructor to be present, and once the class is over, it is over. But if the class is recorded, the video will live on.
  5. Video is available on demand. With video recordings, trainees can do training at their convenience. There is no scheduling, no worrying about missing important meetings, or travel restrictions. Trainees just select the training on their computers and learn at their convenience, which is great if you have employees that are in different time zones. Additionally, multi-language captions can be added for people who do not speak English.
  6. Video is easy to search. Depending on the media platform being used, trainees can easily find relevant video clips based on keywords. Have you ever been going through a manual and lost your page? Irritating, isn’t it? With video, this is not a problem. Trainees can just search by keyword or topic, which is a lot easier than flipping to the index in a huge manual.
  7. Video can be secured. You may not want your internal training to be put in a public space like YouTube. Luckily, training videos can be secured so only people you specify can see them. And believe it or not, video can be more secure than internal, hard documents. Depending on the platform you use for your video, you can have passwords and track your viewer metrics.

When you hire a video company to create training videos, your training programs will be more effective for the company and the employees. Video gives everyone the chance to learn and revisit important material, increasing job performance. There is no reason why video should not be a part of every company’s training efforts. For an easy, effective, and fast way to train employees, create training videos today.

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