Professional Website Videos

According to MarketingProfs, 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. That is more than half!

It is obvious from this statistic alone that Internet marketing is not what it used to be. To market your company effectively, you need to have professional website videos. Not only will this keep customers on your site longer, but they are also more likely to buy. However, this is only one compelling reason your business needs this. Below are four more!

Reason #1 – Videos Add Credibility

High-quality videos add credibility to your business. Consider this a visual business card that sells your company within a matter of seconds. The moment potential customers see the video they connect with your business more. At the conclusion of the video, you can leave a strong call to action and business information for them to contact you.

Reason #2 – Most Shared Content

You know video social marketing is becoming more and more crucial. YouTube is the second most used social platform with over 1 billion unique users a month. The professional videos on your website should also be on YouTube. When people search certain keywords, your video could show up in the search engine if they are tagged properly. This gives more exposure for your business as people share your videos on different social platforms. According to Invado, approximately 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. That is an incredible amount of people that will share great content with others! The more your video is shared, the more quality exposure your business gets.

Reason #3 – Differentiate You from the Competition

Your goal is always to be ahead of the competition. If you notice in your industry no one else has professional website videos; you need to get on board with this immediately. Video will set you apart from the rest, especially if you are in a business where customers like to search around for the best price. Often, having a video will make or break whether a client wants to work with you. When they notice you have a video and the others do not, they are more likely to pick you because your business appears more credible.

Reason #4 – Engaging Way to Tell a Story

We love having testimonial videos that tell an engaging story. Hearing what previous or current clients have to say about your business shows that you have happy customers. An excellent testimonial offers a sense of security and a glimpse of what the customer will also experience when they work with you. This is a great way to personalize your brand.

People enjoy watching an experience. You can give a video tour of your office or an interview with your staff. This way they get to know you before they start working with you! These are all great tactics to use to create an engaging website video that leaves a great first impression on customers.

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