Houston Commercial Videography

Commercials can last anywhere from 15 seconds all the way to a minute long. The purpose of video is to engage your audience to believe, want, and love the product or service you are selling. It is a form of persuasion, and it is said if you show someone a commercial multiple times it will leave a lasting impression. Commercials can also be an effective way to reach your audience. Billions of people watch TV every day all around the world and you can air commercials on any network, at any time of day, and in any region you want.

Although this is an excellent way to reach the masses, if the commercial is not good then it will not be effective in increasing your sales. In fact, a bad commercial could make you lose money, which is something every business wants to avoid.

At Vids Inc., we are proud to offer the best Houston commercial videography to clients big and small. It is our goal to create ads that sell to help your business grow! Here are a few components you must include in a commercial to make sure it converts potential prospects into customers.

Write a Compelling Script

When you write a script, you must make sure it flows well. What you say can make or break whether the video is engaging. It is crucial you take this part seriously. A script is not something you just put together. If you do not have experience in writing a script, feel free to contact us; we offer copywriting that will enhance your commercial. Not only will we write the script, we will direct your video.

Excellent Audio that Matches the Video

Have you ever watched a commercial and noticed the audio was off? It creates confusion when there is a delay in the audio. This is because you are using two primary senses: hearing and vision. When these two senses do not align, your brain has a difficult time processing what is going on in the video. Misaligned audio and video is a mistake many amateurs make during post-production. They are not familiar with how to enhance the audio to make sure it matches the video. Don’t hire an amateur. Hire someone with experience like Vids Inc!

Strong Call to Action

At the end of the video, you must give a detailed call to action. If you forget this, viewers will be unsure of what to do. No matter how familiar your process is to you or the people in your industry, you must assume the people watching are not familiar with the process. Remember to spell everything out for them. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it.

Video Quality

Videos of low-quality can be an eye sore. You should hire professionals like Vids Inc because we offer the best Houston commercial videography. We will make sure every video is made with exciting visuals, compelling script, and much more. All the video equipment we use is top of the line. You will be 100% satisfied with the quality from beginning to end!

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