Testimonial Video Creation

Testimonial video creation can help your company gain the recognition necessary to grow and flourish. In many areas, competition is fierce. You don’t know if the company down the street is going to get the client’s business or if you will. One of the most difficult components to marketing and building a new business is convincing people that your company is worth their investment. They don’t know you. They don’t realize just how fantastic your service or products are. With a few testimonials, though, you can give them the extra confidence they need to decide to work with you.

Why Do Testimonials Matter?

A testimonial is a third party’s confirmation that your products or services are worthy. As a new customer, it’s hard to know the quality you’ll get just based on what the company has to say or promise. Testimonials can give that would-be customer the confidence to take action, whether it’s to call you to schedule service or to visit your location. Testimonial video creation can change the way your company attracts business in multiple ways:

It Aids in Building Your Brand

Do you want your company to be known as the reliable, fast or affordable provider in the area? Do you want people to know you as a company dedicated to the highest level of customer service? While your company can use these terms on a website or even on marketing materials, video testimonials really make your message known. This helps to grow your brand.

Testimonials Are Like Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth advertising occurs when a customer tells another about your service. It’s one of the most trusted and authentic forms of advertising for businesses. Testimonial videos can work in the same way. They allow a would-be customer who wants to spend money with your company to gain the confidence to do just that. They see someone else telling them the benefits. They can read expressions and feel the authenticity of the video. They gain the trust necessary to make that purchase.

It’s a Fantastic Social Media Marketing Tool

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, do you stop to read a statement from a company or are you more likely to watch a video of someone talking? We all know videos are incredibly effective on social media. If you are creating and using a social media campaign like many businesses are today, video testimonial creation can help make it worthwhile. You’ll get more views and more visits to your website when you incorporate video into your processes.

Who Should Utilize Video Testimonials?

Wondering how testimonial videos can work in your business?

  • Allow customers to learn about your product from a customer already using it.
  • Use testimonials from clients who used your service to talk about their experience.
  • Allow the videos to showcase the amount and type of work you’ve completed for a client.

There’s no limit to the effectiveness of video marketing and testimonials can be the perfect tool to incorporate into your next campaign. It’s easy, affordable, and highly effective at turning would-be customers into paying customers.

How Can Vids Inc. Make Your Testimonial Videos Effective?

Vids Inc. specializes in creating high-quality videos that really stand out. When you are ready to incorporate testimonial video creation in your marketing plan, we’re here to help you. In fact, with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is little risk in investing with us. Call us today at (281) 968-8437  to discuss your specific video creation needs or fill out our short form. Our team will help you to determine how much of an impact testimonials can make to your business’s growth and brand development.