Corporate Video Production

We understand that this is a visual society. A large percentage of the population learn visually, while audio learners make up another sizable percentage. By providing corporate video production, we enable our clients to meet the needs of most of those who they are trying to reach. Video can be used for many things including, but not limited to:

  • Advertising
  • Training
  • Providing a Message

At Vids, Inc. we take the time to find out exactly what you hope to accomplish with your corporate video and we will work with you to make that vision a reality.


In a society that views most of its advertising online, one of the best ways to get your brand out there is through video. Videos are more likely to be shared, spreading further than static ads. You can show consumers exactly what your product does and how to use it. You can show people just like them using your product, which creates a sense of connection. You also increase the chances of stirring an emotion, which is often the basis for purchasing many products. In a society where people are accustomed to seeing moving pictures explain things to them, video advertising has the lead over most other types.


Here we go back to the visual and audio learning styles. Not only will training videos appeal to these people, but the more senses that are engaged in the learning process, the more likely the material will be absorbed and remembered at a later date. By having a corporate video production company create training videos, you free up the time of executives when it comes to presenting training material to new hires or¬†training sessions that are repeated at various times. You help employees be more productive by allowing them to view the videos at their convenience and you increase the chances of engaging them in the learning process if you combine the videos with written worksheets. In the end, everybody wins with this method. They also help those who find they need to hear things several times before it “clicks” with a way to do so without fearing that others will be inconvenienced. Many people don’t like to ask for information to be repeated in group settings.

Providing a Message

If you are an organization that wants to get an important message out to the public, being able to do so via video will increase your chances of reaching the widest audience possible. As we noted earlier, videos gain more shares on social media than any other type of content. In addition, videos help relay emotions that can be hidden within written words. You can appeal to the emotions of your audience, whether the feeling you need to produce is caring, anger to create action or simply the wish to make a difference. A well-developed video will help reach people everywhere in the world, not just those who may be close enough to attend a live event.


We pride ourselves in being able to bring your vision into reality. We will work closely with you to approach your material from every angle and help provide a video that makes the greatest possible impact on your audience. Whatever your purpose for hiring us, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your finished product. Contact us today at [phone] or fill out our short form with your questions and see what we can do to take your corporation to the next level.