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Wherever you go these days, it seems there is an HDLTV, aka, a high definition lobby television. Many people assume it is there simply to keep them busy as they wait for appointments. In reality, it serves an even greater purpose. It is a perfect opportunity to provide valuable information to a specific audience

Whether presented as a lobby display, wall display, kiosk display, or business TV, these videos are usually related to the business that is displaying it. Medical offices may show nutrition information, medication ads, health supplements, and the like. Legal offices may provide crucial deadlines, filing procedures, and answer other frequently asked questions. A hotel might feature local travel packages, sightseeing locations, as well as promote the in-house restaurant and bar.

HDLTV videos, more popularly called lobby videos, are perfect for promoting a product or service, answering common questions, providing valuable supporting information.

Think Outside the Box

Traditionally, marketing videos have been limited to network television and the Internet. With the use of HDLTV, you can get your brand out there in a variety of places you may never have considered. Consider what it would do for your business if you could target a specific audience that you knew was interested in your type of product or service and do so in a place that you never before considered. These could include, but are not limited to,:

  1. Kiosk Display
    Showing a product or service related to whatever is being sold at a kiosk will capture the attention of individuals who are already in the mood to make a purchase.
  2. Lobby Kiosk
    An audience that is bored with waiting will welcome the chance to view fresh, interesting content and will remember it longer than if they saw it only in the middle of other activity.
  3. Business TV
    This area is wide open for opportunity. Speeches by the CEO, an overview of the services offered, a chance to place a seed about a product or service they may not have considered – imagine the possibilities.

Finding Customers

This sounds great, doesn’t it? How do you go about getting your video featured in places like this? Often that takes having a connection with the company that hosts the lobby TV. You will find it much easier if you have someone who has these kinds of connections.

At Vids Inc., we have spent time and effort in creating a network of offices where we can guarantee your video will be displayed. Think about how much attention your ad would gain if it were displayed in an elevator. With a captive audience that tries to find somewhere to focus, it would certainly catch people by surprise and make them pay attention.

Why Hire Us?

You could very well create a short video and maybe even convince someone you know to display it, but your time is so full. Do you have the time it takes to make a video that is appealing and memorable. Would you need to rent or buy equipment and maybe take classes to learn how to prepare a high-quality video? If you are like most people, the answer is No. You are already busy handling your business, and making sure it stays on track.

We can take your vision, create a high-quality product and get it displayed for you–and it won’t take hours of your time away from what you would prefer to be doing. Our experience will enable you to venture into areas of promotion you never before considered.

Contact us online, or call us at (281) 968-8437 to see exactly what we can offer you.