The Importance of Commercial Advertising

TV commercials are just as relevant today as they were before the internet. The major difference, of course, is that nowadays television commercials are just as likely to appear on network television as on YouTube or your favorite website.

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The principles of good commercial advertising remain just as true today as in the golden age of television. Vids Inc creates professional TV ads that drive action through a compelling combination of sound, image, and storytelling. TV advertising gives your brand a much larger reach than almost any other media source.

As a Comcast affiliated agency, we have a agreements to offer commercial air time in various markets over Texas on various channels on Comcast including Life, MSNBC, MTV, HGTV, Food Network and more.

Commercial Ad Consumption

Humans are basically visual beings. Our culture is a visual culture. With the fast pace of society, it is easier for us to pay attention to commercial advertising than it is to sit and read a written ad. In addition, a large majority of the world views most of its entertainment on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These devices lend themselves better to visual contact than written.
Outside of mobile devices, television is still high on the list of media access. Television commercials are much more likely to be viewed in their entirety than Internet ads. When you consider that a certain portion of the population still does not utilize the Internet, it is essential to consider advertising on television if you are to reach the highest possible audience.

TV Advertising Vs. Internet Advertising

The actual difference between television ads and Internet ads is the slight difference in engagement. It is easy to ask someone on the internet to click a button or visit a page, and go to another site. TV ads require a more subtle approach, because the next action isn’t always immediate.

To get this balance right, it is important to have someone on board who understands the special needs required for making a TV advertisement. It needs to be a company that not only has experience in this area of advertising, but also has the skill to produce the quality of advertising that is expected for a television spot.

The quality of a tv spot needs to be even more exceptional than you average internet ad if it is to hold the interest of the audience. Vids Inc. knows its video production inside and out. We make videos for a variety of venues. We know that the product you place in public view reflects on our reputation. We aim to make it the best possible reflection.

Our Comcast Affiliation for Your TV Commercials

Making great TV ads is only half the equation. Unless your TV commercials get in front of the right audience, however, they won’t help get you anywhere. As a Comcast Affiliated Agency, we have a agreements to offer commercial air time in various markets. Our Texas license allows us access to various Comcast channels including Life, MSNBC, MTV, HGTV, Food Network and more.
Your commercial ad can not only be seen, but can be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers. With the right targeting, they will be viewers who are most likely to be interested in the type of product or service you have to offer.

Why Hire Vids Inc to Produce Your TV Commercials?

We are a video production and advertising company that enjoys creating strategic partnerships and collaborations. Our extensive knowledge, experience, and industry insight allows us to create a compelling TV commercial for your brand, product, or service.
We can make an incredible piece of TV advertising and help you find TV spots for your ads, but we welcome your input and collaboration. You know your product and your company’s vision better than anyone else. Contact us online, or call us by phone at (281) 968-8437 to schedule a free consultation today.