Video Production is our Specialty

At Vids Inc., we love video. Our experience and expertise has grown along with our clients. It has allowed us to venture into many areas. It has given us a well-rounded view of the limitless possibilities and power of video. Furthermore, we are passionate about the collaborative process with our clients. We walk you through the essentials and keep you up to date with the work, whether or not you have any knowledge of videography, video editing, story boarding, and the like.

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Is Video Production Right For Your Business?

If you’re wondering what video production has to do with business marketing, then check this out. According to a study by Cisco, by 2019 video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. That’s a lot of video. In fact, according to the same study, almost one million minutes of video will cross the internet EVERY SECOND in 2019.

So what does that mean for you? It means that video is becoming the preferred method of communication. And that means that your business needs a video presence. Your message, values, products and services, all need a place to live online, in video.
Take a look around. Video is no longer just for film and television. Video production is happening in every kind of business or organization–from banks, to churches, wedding planners and non-profits. A video production company can help your business to do anything from creating memories, to executive business training, to sharing valuable safety tips, to presenting your company’s story, to promoting your fantastic product or service.


Think about certain products you grew up with. One thing that often stands out is a commercial jingle or some other aspect of the commercial that pops into your mind at the strangest moments. Commercials will always have a place in marketing.

Corporate Events

Would you like to be able to return to a lecture given at one of your corporate events? Maybe you want to provide coverage for those who couldn’t attend or as part of a recruitment plan to bring in top employees. Having a record of these events can have numerous uses.

Television Shows

The growth of the Internet has seen several TV shows that are created only for the internet. These are often productions that don’t have the funding required of traditional television. That doesn’t mean the public will accept poor quality. You need to give them the best you possibly can to keep them returning.


People all find something they like to see continue, rather than simply be a one-time deal. They get favorite characters or a favorite subject and want to follow a person week after week. By having your webisodes done in a professional manner, you lend credibility to yourself and you increase the chances of gaining a loyal audience that won’t soon let you disappear.